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LCS Lawn & Tree Service, Inc

Delivering professional services and customized treatments with the use of organic and environmentally friendly products.

Landscaping Website Redesign


Create an Engaging Website

LCS is an Angie’s List and Best of HomeGuide award winning customer service company. They have been in business for over 25 years. L.C.S. stands for: Listen, Communicate and Service. When LCS came to us their website over 7 years old in was in need of a web design makeover. They came to us for a website that would reflect the true level of professional services that they offer.

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Landscape Website Redesign - After Landscape Website Redesign - Before


Create a Professional Website Design

LCS’s old website was cluttered with information and users were frustrated it took so long to find information. We wanted to simplify the design and layout so that website visitors can easily find the information that they are looking for without being overwhelmed. We offered a nice feature image slider to showcase the services and created a completely mobile and tablet friendly responsive layout including a nice mobile menu


Increase in mobile interaction after website launch


Seconds in increased page speed


Improved customer first impression feedback on website design and layout


Improved customer conversion rate



Custom, clean and modern web experience

Great photography, light colors, bright, clean and modern – All of these combined make for a great professional website. Good call to action buttons with high contrast leads to a higher conversion rate. LCS has seen their website traffic improve and business has been better than ever.

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