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Milkus, Trier & Company

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Create a Professional website that reflects there own values

Milkus, Trier & Company are the premier certified public accounts in southeastern Wisconsin. When they came to Brand Success Tools for help the website was seriously outdated. We were able to develop a state of the art web presence that helps them look like the professionals that they truly are. With and updated look and feel they have noticed a 20% increase in conversion rates on desktop and a 30% increase in mobile traffic.

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Public Accountant Website Design Public Accountant Website Design


Deliver a State of the Art Website Redesign

We wanted to create a warm and welcoming feeling to new visitors on the website. They say that 1st impressions are everything and that includes websites. By using a warm colorful palette with striking imagery we created a website where the tone is comforting. We used real photography on the website that helps establish trust throughout the website.


Increase in Google Analytics web traffic


Increase in desktop conversions


Increase in mobile conversions


Decrease in bounce rate



Custom, clean and modern web experience

The results speak for themselves. From your mobile phone to your desktop this website has a strong, professional feel to it. With the use of color and great photography we have established a strong website presence for a great client.

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